World Leading Search Engine Technology

Cybula high performance pattern matching and data search systems offer the world's most advanced commercial solutions for searching data.

Cybula offers software and hardware for searching Signals, Images and Text. Cybula's patented AURA search technology is infinitely scalable and deployable on standard PCs to specialist FPGA based hardware for the most demanding applications.

 Cybulas main applications are in Diagnostics and Prognostics, based on the Signal Data Explorer technology and in Face Recognition, with the FaceEnforce system.  

Signal Data Explorer

Signal Data Explorer (SDE) provides unrivalled performance in searching, visualising and managing large complex signal data. SDE is available as a stand alone system or as an enterprise tool to manage large amounts of distributed data.

SDE microsite


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Cybula's products are aimed at searching all types of data. Click on the following for more information

Face Recognition/Biometrics

3D camera technology

Text, Lists and addresses
  Molecular databases
Graphs, text strings and real vectors

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