Cybula EVP Platform

The Event Visualisation Platform (EVP) was designed for use as an enterprise deployment platform for our analytics techniques. It also incorporates data management, visualisation, and reporting tools, in addition to application-specific custom components. EVP can be configured to build custom applications, as required by our customers. Features include;

  • Enterprise platform based on a client-server architecture;
  • The EVP client is deployable on Windows, Mac or Unix platforms;
  • Data import & export;
  • Flexible organisation of data channels into a hierarchical containers, displayed in a simplified panel;
  • Local and remote data stores;
  • Standard or custom analytic tools can be deployed;
  • Batch or automatic scheduled analytic processing;
  • Can connect to multiple external data sources;
  • Flexible, interactive data and event visualisation;
  • Custom visualisation "views" can be built for specific applications;
  • Custom clients can be created to provide as simple, or complex an application as desired;
  • Custom components can be easily implemented and deployed into a platform.

Custom Applications

EVP can be easily customised to the customer's requirements. One such example is the Brain Injury Platform. Multiple event detectors are deployed on the EVP to monitor a patient with a severe brain injury. A single screen updates the results in real time for 11 different detectors. With validated detectors, a clinician is able to interpret a complex evolving situation from a single screen derived from huge amounts of streaming patient data.