Cybula - Transforming Big Data

Cybula specialise in data mining and data analytics for condition monitoring applications.  Our tools provide class-leading, innovative solutions for extracting business intelligence out of data gathered from monitored assets; transforming Big Data challenges into valuable business insights. 

AURA Technology

Cybula AURA technology allows you to interact with your data in highly intuitive ways, and offers powerful pattern search and modelling capabilities.  Pattern search provides the means to delve into data and automate the detection of events that would otherwise go unnoticed in the midst of huge volumes of data.  Unique, patented, modelling tools allow rapid characterisation of an asset to support real-time detection of abnormal or critical events.  Early detection of changes in system behaviour have never been easier to spot.

Powerful Insights and Intuitive Data access

Our tools make it easy to find answers to business critical questions, and provide your analysts with unprecedented power to explore your data.  Regardless of the application domain, AURA tools can cut through the data deluge problem and allow analysts to ask meaningful questions,'How is the system behaving?', 'Have I seen this event before and is it significant'?, 'How many times has this happened?'.  The power of AURA is in the intuitive way that these queries can be rapidly generated.

Data Handling

AURA Technology works with you and for you in making Big Data manageable, and integrates with large scale data management solutions (e.g. HADOOP) for a seamless enterprise solution.  Pre-processing and cleansing of data is critical in all applications and AURA provides the tools to simplify and automate these processes.


Browse, filter, clean and feature enhance signals. Deploy analytics, save search results and data sub-sets for further analysis and reporting