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Cybula wins a project, lasting 1 1/2 years to develop technology that will
manage large image data with University College London and 10 other partners.

Cybula wins a project lasting 2 years that will develop the next generation
Diagnostics platform, with HP and the University of York. This builds on
Cybula’s strengths in diagnostics software based on SDE.

Cybula wins a 2 year project to help merge data in the insurance industry,
leveraging Cybula’s knowledge of large data and working with noisy data.

Dec 2010

Cybula wins project with Imperial College to build a brain injury monitoring

Nov 2010

Cybula move to new offices on the new £500M York University Campus. The
company will be sharing space in this new major expansion.

Oct 2010

With Rolls-Royce and Leeds University, Cybula wins a three year project,
STRAPP, to add trust mechanisms to diagnostics and prognostics software used in
the consortium.

Sept 2010

The company starts on a project with the University of York to develop a new
software as a service platform for sharing data and software, youShare.

Aug 2010

Cybula wins a project with Doosan-Babckock to develop diagnostic and
prognostic technology for the Neuclear industry.

July 2010

The company starts work with Aberdeen University on a neural data logger for
use in monitoring animals. This will extend the companies SDE product to allow
analysis of sleep patterns in animals.

Feb. 2009

Cybula featured in the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council
news letter, Pioneer, on its work with Signal Data Explorer with Rolls-Royce.
Click here for the

Nov 2008

Cybula launch SDE for neuroscience
and medical applications. Demonstration versions available on

Oct 2008

See Cybula at the society for
neuroscience conference in Washington, USA between 15th and 18th November 2008
on stand 439.

July 2008

Cybula sponsor Rob Calvert and his pals in the Mongol Rally – Team Young

June 2007

Cybula win DTI collaborative project to develop next generation 3D face
recognition systems.

Jan 2007

Cybula as part of the CARMEN project.

Cybula wins contract to apply its Signal Data Explorer technology to managing
and searching neuroscience data in a £4.0M project lead by the Universities of
York, Newcastle and Sterling. The SDE technology will be used within a Grid
enabled data repository to search for spike train data recorded from neurons. Go to the CARMEN website.

Cybula to exhibit FaceEnforce at Venturefest 2007.

Cybula is being featured as a successful Yorkshire company at the financing
conference, venturefest.

Cybula helps define ISO standards for 3D face biometrics.

Bothe Julian Young and Prof Austin actively support the development of ISO
3D face biometrics
. In support of this Julian Young takes part in the latest
ISO meeting in New Zealand.

Nov 2006

Cybula apply its Signal Data Explorer technology to new industry

Cybula has won a number of contracts and partnerships to develop its signal
monitoring technology, SDE in new industry areas such as Rail and Oil and

Oct 2006

Cybula present at international Biometrics conference.

Cybula discusses the pros and cons of 3D face recognition at the worlds major
Biometrics conference. Details

March 2006

Cybula apply AURA technology to searching for banned image content and for
searching text feeds.

Cybula has undertaken a number of projects applying AURA to blocking banned
images and for finding patterns in high data rate text feeds.

Feb 2006

John McAvoy joins Cybula as Business Development director.

John McAvoy Joins Cybula. John has a background in running large companies
and joins as business development Director.

Jan 2006

Cybula wins a place in an EU project, EVAN.

Cybula wins funding from the European community to use its knowledge of 3D
face recognition in training new Anthropologists in the EVAN project. The project lasts for 4 years and
involves Cybula in training new researchers to use the AURA technology.

May 2005

Cybula in the local news – This
is North East

May 2005

Cybula support CCGrid.

Cybula support local industry push – IT and Digital

Cybula in the news – Yorkshire
Evening Press 16 May 2005

Jan 2005

Cybula FaceEnforce systemin the news
Yorkshire Post 24 March 2005 – copy
of article

Jan 2005

Cybula delivers a Grid Enabled Parallel machine to Cardiff

This machine will be used for Grid based research. The system, based on the
Cortex II parallel processor is configured within two Sun V880, Grid enabled
data store, and 10 PRESENCE II compute engines. The system is capable of
searching complex data such as graphs, unstructured texts and signals and will
be used for research in eScience.

Cybula wins major collaborative research contract, BROADEN,  with

Cybula along with Rolls-Royce Aero Engines, Data Systems and Solutions, EDS,
OxfordBiosignals, the Universities of Leeds, Sheffield and York have won a £4M
DTI project to develop Grid enabled Engine Diagnostic Systems based on the Grid
and the Signal Data Explorer. This follows
on from The DAME project which developed the basic technology. This project will
maintain Cybulas lead in technology’s for searching and analysing signal data on
the Grid.

Oct 2004

Cybula sponsor CCGRID05 9-12 May 2005


One of the major cluster computing conferences. Set to coincide with Cybulas
installation of the Cortex II machine at Cardiff University.


Oct 2004

Cybula and AC technologies launch FaceEnforce 3D face Biometric in the

On 17th November 2004 FaceEnforce is lunched as a part of AC technologies
BioBex fusion Biometric system at the International Spy Museum Washington DC.
AC are Cybulas US and Canadian partners in the development of FaceEnforce.

July 2004

Cybula move to new Offices in the IT Centre, University of York Science

March 2004

Cybula Launch PRESENCE II PCI card to support high performance data
processing applications.

Oct 2003

Sun iForce Partner Programme.

Cybula become a member of Sun iForce partner programme as developers. This
allows Cybula access to the the latest Sun technology within its development


July 2003

Cybula in the news.

Cybulas AURA technology is featured in Computer

May 2003

Cybula to develop the next generation of facial recognition

Cybula sign a development contract with AC technology, USA, to develop the
next generation of facial recognition systems. Cybula’s high performance
hardware and advanced pattern recognition technology will allow a step change in
the performance and robustness of facial recognition.

Cybula release details of their new PRESENCEcard.

Details of the new hardware for accelerating your applications can be found

Feb 2003

Cybula deliver the Grid based image analysis software for MRI imaging

In collaboration with the Hull Royal Infirmaries MRI Unit, Cybula develop a
demonstration system for processing MRI images. The technology draws on Cybulas
knowledge of Grid solutions to build a high performance solution to provide a
scalable system for processing large volumes of MRI data.

Feb 2003

Cybula leading the way in Ubiquitous pattern recognition hardware

Cybula win contract with the University of York to develop the next
generation of hardware for Ubiquitous systems. This £5M research contract is
undertaken in association with ST microelectronics and will allow Cybula to
develop highly integrated hardware versions of the AURA technology and to
develop application demonstrations. For details see

Jan 2003

Cybula collaborate in the White Rose Computational Grid Launch Conference,
Leeds UK, 29th Feb Thorpe Park. Cybula will be showing its Grid solutions.

Cybula lunch information on its up coming AURA powered 3D face recognition

Nov 2002

See Cybula at Comdex in Nov. –

We can be found at Booth 3234, North Hall, Las Vegas Convention
Centre where you can discuss the applications shown on this

Oct 2002

Cybula set up there R&D office at Genesis 6, University Science Park,
University of York. Cybulas administrative offices remain at the Fimber

July 2002

Cybula runs AURA technical workshop of EDS and SchlumbergerSema.

Feb 2002

Cybula at CeBIT – Hall 11 stand B10.

Go to the CeBIT web

York Discovery Week

See us at York Discovery Week, Guildhall, York 9-10 March 2001.

October 2001

Cybula wins BCS medal for AURA technology.

Cybula Ltd. and The University of York have won a British Computer Society
medal for the AURA technology. The award is made in recognition of the novelty
and potential given by the AURA technology in so many applications. Details of
the award can be found here.

September 2001

Major Research Collaboration News

Cybula Ltd and the University of York
have won over £4.3 million pounds of collaborative research under two 3-year


The DAME £3M project is a flagship e-Science
project to build a distributed diagnostic system in collaboration with
Rolls-Royce plc, Systems and Solutions, The Universities of Sheffield, Leeds,
Oxford and York. A major part of the project will extend the AURA pattern
matching engines to operate over distributed networks, allowing multiple engines
at different sites to operate as one large engine.


The FEDAURA project is funded by DTI and EPSRC in collaboration
with the Benefits Agency, SEMA, EDS and Sun Microsystems in a £1.3M project
supported by the DTIs management of
information programme
. The project will use Cybula’s AURA technology to
combat benefit fraud and the development of the technology for fraud