Scientific experiments across a range of subjects (e.g. bioscience, drug discovery, physics and chemistry, electronics, engineering) can generate substantial volumes of time series data.


SDE Basic is an extremely useful yet cost effective tool for visualising, browsing and analysing large amounts of signal data.  The option of opening and customising multiple screen views provides a robust and efficient way of gaining familiarity with the data.  Segments of the data (subsets of channels and time) can be saved for further analysis and screen views can be formatted and saved for inclusion in reports.  The simple search facility allows users to search across open data files to detect event and a range of special features are included for spike detection and sorting on neuroscience data.


SDE Basic is also useful as a teaching aid allowing students to do their own work on filtering signal data, feature enhancing signals and conducting simple search routines.


  • Quickly visualise large time series data sets
  • Search for example patterns in the data – solve the ‘needle in the haystack’ problem
  • Detect complex patterns over multiple time series
  • Access to remote data held in distributed databases
  • Filtering and combine data to analyse complex events
  • Read industry standard CSV files (comma seperated values)

Previous applications

Visualising experimental data

Many experiments generate large volumes of time series data. SDE can be used to quickly view this data. Powerful operations allow large data to be viewed on one screen, an interesting feature can then be zoomed into – investigating the detail. The system allows a user to quickly move between these viewing modes allowing visual mining of complex data.