Cybula Signal Data Explorer

The Signal Data Explorer (SDE) is a time-series data analysis tool developed from Cybula's vast experience of the operational needs of handling typical time-series data from assets.  Where analysts have traditionally struggled to interact with their data within Excel tools have been forced to develop bespoke visitation methods, the SDE now provides unique capability to navigate their way through complex, multi-deminsional data sets.

Data can be viewed in channels, grouped by system properties, played in real-time or high-speed, zoomed into and out of, scaled, overlaid and superimposed, pre-processed and filtered.  Data can be remote or local, and readily integrated with legacy data historians or Big Data systems.  A wide range of data formats are supported and opening proprietary data can be handled through bespoke translators within the tool.

                           SDE Main Window

SDE also incorporates the AURAalert module uses the AURA pattern matching technology to build a model of the time series from raw data. After specifying the configuration of AURAalert, data is read in and stored as a model in the system. New data can be checked against this model for similarity – the tool will indicate the level of similarity of the new data with the model, and where the data is unusual.

SDE also contains AURA search and pattern matching technology with an extremely simple and intuitive GUI, which allows analysts to rapidly choose events to search for.  Searches can be quickly configured across single or multi-parameter time series channels.  The speed of the search process means that users will have the results they desire at their fingertips in seconds.

Why choose SDE?

SDE combines industry leading visualisation, analysis, searching and alerting technology based on patented AURA technology. No other tool combines all these capabilities with such power in a single tool.

What unique features does SDE have?

SDE offers a number of unique capabilities to the user:

  • Quickly visualise large time series data sets – enabling rapid access to data that would not otherwise be accessible
  • Quickly model and analyse new data using SDE’s AURAalert tool kit allowing detection of unusual and abnormal events in the data
  • Search for example patterns in the data, allowing access to the ‘needle in the haystack’
  • Use of powerful search technology in SDE task planner tool that allow complex patterns over multiple time series to be detected
  • Access to remote data held in distributed databases enabling more flexible data management
  • Filtering and combining of data helping to analyse complex event data
  • Use of a well tried and tested technology used by many large blue chip companies.


Visualise large data sets (All versions)

Quickly visualise large time series data sets (up to 2GB per channel) - enabling rapid access to data that would not otherwise be accessible.

Dynamic filtering and feature enhancement   (All versions)

Apply filters dynamically to the data, with instant visual feedback of parameter changes.

Single variable pattern matching (All versions)

Use a window to define a pattern of interest and search for similar patterns across the data. Save and recall these patterns for use on other data sets.

Detect complex patterns (SDE Professional and SDE Premium)

Use of powerful search technology in SDE task planner tool that allow complex patterns over multiple time series to be detected.

Search across multiple data files (SDE Professional and SDE Premium)

Build a data library and identify complex events across a large number of data files.

SDE signature search   (SDE Professional and SDE Premium)

Develop a signature pattern using the relationship of one variable to another. For example, vibration amplitude measured against turbine speed or flow rate versus pressure. Search for similar signatures in other data sets.

AURAalert abnormality detection   (SDE Premium)

Use AURAalert to build a model of the performance of an asset or system in a particular mode and compare actual performance against this model to highlight abnormal operation.

SDE remote searching   (SDE Premium)

Point the SDE search engine to a remote data library and enjoy the benefit of having several users having access to a centrally stored data library.

SDE Range

There are several versions of SDE which are described below.  Before you decide however, you can try the free 30-day trial of SDE Premium.

SDE Standard

The standard version of the SDE workbench allows the user to search for patterns across a single variable and in addition gives access to the full range of visualisation, signal filtering and feature enhancement features.

SDE Professional

Available for purchase outright or as an upgrade from SDE standard, this version allows a user to develop complex search routines using multiple variables and build data libraries across multiple data files.  The latter is very useful for management of a group of similar assets (such as a fleet, patient population or experimental data).

SDE Premium

Available as an upgrade from either SDE Standard or SDE Professional, SDE Premium incorporates all the features of SDE Professional plus:

  • Cybula’s AURAalert tool for detecting unusual or abnormal results from a set of monitored variables by comparing these results to a reference model of this system. The reference model is easy to build based on the assimilation of large volumes of raw data.
  •  SDE Premium is configured to search remote data so that multiple, remote data stores can be searched.   Multiple users of SDE Premium can access these data stores at the same time.
                                       A summary of features for each version of SDE

                                       A summary of features for each version of SDE

SDE Trial

To download the 30 day SDE trial, click the link below and enter your details in the form.